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to self discovery.
"Getting to know oneself is a journey which, even though it might be difficult at times, it can
lead to deep meaningful understandings for a more fulfilling life."
About Periklis
Dr. Periklis Papaloukas
I am Dr. Periklis Papaloukas, and I am a psychologist specialising in health and mental health issues.
Mental Health
Providing individualised mental health therapy to help people develop resilience, overcome life's obstacles, and achieve emotional well-being.
Interpersonal Relationships
Assisting people in creating and sustaining wholesome relationships via understanding and effective communication by offering direction and support.
LGBTQ+ Health
Providing a secure, accepting environment for self-acceptance, personal development, and therapy tailored to the particular mental health requirements of the LGBTQ+ population.
Chronic Illness and its impacts
To lessen the psychological difficulties connected to health issues, specialised therapy for people with chronic illnesses focuses on coping mechanisms and resilience.
Sexual Health & HIV
Offering empathetic treatment focused on issues connected to sexual health and HIV with the goal of lowering stigma, educating people, and helping them take control of their mental and emotional health.
Counselling & Mentoring for Students
Committed to supporting students throughout their academic journey, providing counselling and mentoring services that are specifically designed to meet their needs in terms of mental health, personal growth, and overcoming obstacles in the classroom.
Academic / Researcher Services
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A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of “The Quest,” A Health and Well-Being Intervention for British-Based Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Gay and Bisexual Men
How can Incorporating Participant-Generated Photographs with Interviews Enhance Interpretative Phenomenological Accounts about Living with Chronic Illness?