Mental Health >
Providing individualised mental health therapy to help people develop resilience, overcome life's obstacles, and achieve emotional well-being.
Interpersonal Relationships >
Assisting people in creating and sustaining wholesome relationships via understanding and effective communication by offering direction and support.
LGBTQ+ Health >
Providing a secure, accepting environment for self-acceptance, personal development, and therapy tailored to the particular mental health requirements of the LGBTQ+ population.
Chronic Illness and
its impacts >
To lessen the psychological difficulties connected to health issues, specialised therapy for people with chronic illnesses focuses on coping mechanisms and resilience.
Sexual Health &
Offering empathetic treatment focused on issues connected to sexual health and HIV with the goal of lowering stigma, educating people, and helping them take control of their mental and emotional health.
Counselling & Mentoring
for Students >
Committed to supporting students throughout their academic journey, providing counselling and mentoring services that are specifically designed to meet their needs in terms of mental health, personal growth, and overcoming obstacles in the classroom.
You can contact me at the following phone numbers, email or contact form for more information.
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My years of study and extensive professional experience working with and learning about people from vulnerable groups with different needs have taught me how to incorporate basic ethical principles into my work in both clinical and educational settings. I closely follow the guidelines of the Codes of Ethical Conduct for Psychologists of the British Psychological Society and the Association of Greek Psychologists.

I draw elements and tools from different approaches, such as cognitive-behavioural psychology, existential psychology, and systemic therapy, focusing more on psychodynamic-psychoanalytic therapy.

My primary goal is to provide a safe environment that facilitates expressing each client's needs. My key concern is building a solid therapeutic relationship, which will allow me to focus on the issues that the therapee brings to our therapy. This attention is characterised by professionalism, confidentiality, understanding, empathy, unconditional support and, most importantly, unconditional acceptance.

My professional approach is coloured by the understanding that each person is unique, their life circumstances are unique, and their personal experiences vary according to their personal history. Our stories are always special, subjective, conscious, unconscious, and open to interpretation. Hence, my therapeutic approach is proportionate, considering the request, symptoms, internal and external conflicts, and traumas the client may have.

At the same time, as social beings, people are not unaffected by the broader social environment. Our family, professional relationships and society influence the meanings we give to our life circumstances. I am quite sensitive to these social differences, since I have lived in three very different countries (Greece, Cyprus, England) and have met, befriended and work with people from different social and cultural backgrounds.

I aim to accompany you on your therapeutic journey, where through making sense of your past and present experiences, your internal and external conflicts, and possibly traumas and difficulties, you can make sense of and reduce mental discomfort, mental pain and anxiety so that you can transform your life into one of greater peace of mind and contentment.

For this reason, I have a psychologist's office in Athens, in Ampelokipi, right next to the Panormou metro station. I offer services in person and online, in Greek and English.

I specialise in depression, anxiety, trauma, interpersonal and professional relationships, stress management, grief and loss management, self-confidence and self-awareness issues. I also have in-depth knowledge and experience of chronic illness (e.g. neurological conditions, cancer, autoimmune diseases, HIV, etc.) and the psychosocial understanding of people living with an illness or disability and their carers.

Finally, I have expertise in LGBTQ+ issues (acceptance of sexual and/or gender identity, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem due to social oppression, etc.). My many years of experience with LGBTQ+ people from all the communities that make up the group have enabled me to understand their particular life circumstances and offer appropriate support.
You can contact me at the following phone numbers, email or contact form for more information.
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